Joe Snyder Men’s G String Underwear 

The collection of Joe Snyder G string underwear for men is aimed at offering comfort, greater sex appeal and enhancement to the crotch. For all those men who prefer a little less coverage, the Joe Snyder G string underwear is featured with a front pouch that offers unique support and cradling. 

Men’s G string by the brand is also incredibly comfortable to wear, look smooth under your clothing and allow you to wear tight fitting trousers or jeans without any uncomfortable or unsightly excess fabric showing. They allow air to circulate more freely, thereby helping to prevent that sweaty feeling that often comes when wearing any such type of underwear style. 

The different variety available of men’s g string underwear available by the brand is available in a fantastic range of colors and patterns, so you can choose a style that suits your personality.

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Joe Snyder Men's G-Strings

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Most recent review
This is one of the best g-string out there!! Great support and no sagging, very comfortable all day and all evening, dynamite looking on the goods. Unless you are pitching a tent nothing spills out (just kidding). If you like skimpy underwear this string is a must-have for your wardrobe.
Most recent review
I'm in love with this product now. It comes with a strong and a firm waistband that stays soft on the waist. It does not leave red imprints like the other underwear brands that I purchased. The center seam pouch provides a beautiful enhancement to my front profile. The color combination is also nice. Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase.
Most recent review
I got surprised when i got the parcel of it. I must say Calvin Klein is a top notch brand when we talk about its quality and the comfortability level .. since its a mysterious underpants I would not disclose the shape of it or else it will ruin your surprise.
Most recent review
These are one of the hottest purchases I've ever made. My boyfriend loves to see me in them. He keeps calling me for dates often now. The revealing nature is what pulled me to buy them. They are very sexy and is recommended for all the couples out there.
Most recent review
I am all over this underwear or this is all over me. I am so glad that I invested in this Good Devil pair which is by far one of the most sexy and erotic thongs. Love to wear anywhere anytime. Always gets and keeps me hot. Excellent quality. Just feels so good. Love to show my friends how hot and sexy it is.
Most recent review
It is a mystery so I won't reveal what comes your way, but I would say that whatever comes is about the dare you need to have and the risk you have to take and at the end of the day, you will be happy to feel the way that you're feeling. However, you have to invest in this first!!
Most recent review
The fly opening of the pouch is playful and airy. It surrounds and supports sublimely - easy to forget you're wearing anything. The bonus feature is the revealing back along with the string waistband. But the opening can be slid to make pouch wider. Overall the strings are flattery and an eye-candy for my partner.
Most recent review
Lightweight, yet comfortable wear for winter. Would recommend if you are ready to stay sexy. The fabric covers the assets but allows a lot of skin show. The waistband is sleek but supports you in the right place. Very comfortable one of their best they carry. Great underwear does what its supposed to and keeps it all the important stuff in front and not all bunched up.
Most recent review
This product is just a big "WOW". I wore it for a date night and my partner went crazy like anything. We ended up having much more fun that we usually do. The pouch is very light and that stays soft on the skin while the construction is so small that it hides nothing other than my manhood. This is definitely a recommended product for all the Romeos and Juliet out there.
Most recent review
If you like skimpy underwear this string is a must have for your wardrobe. Truly the Cadillac of g-strings. I'm definitely getting more of these in different colors. I hope cover male beings more light colors in them