Cover Male Men’s G Strings Underwear 

Cover Male G strings offer you one of the sexiest ways to let men flaunt their assets. The lesser use of fabric in G strings offered by the brand feels light weight and airy. 

The different aspects of Cover Male G string underwear are- 

Serve you taste buds with the tempting collection of G strings from Cover Male that will surely let you stay confident amongst your followers.

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Cover Male Men's G-Strings

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Most recent review
I'm in love with this product now. It comes with a strong and a firm waistband that stays soft on the waist. It does not leave red imprints like the other underwear brands that I purchased. The center seam pouch provides a beautiful enhancement to my front profile. The color combination is also nice. Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase.
Most recent review
These are one of the hottest purchases I've ever made. My boyfriend loves to see me in them. He keeps calling me for dates often now. The revealing nature is what pulled me to buy them. They are very sexy and is recommended for all the couples out there.
Most recent review
This product is just a big "WOW". I wore it for a date night and my partner went crazy like anything. We ended up having much more fun that we usually do. The pouch is very light and that stays soft on the skin while the construction is so small that it hides nothing other than my manhood. This is definitely a recommended product for all the Romeos and Juliet out there.
Most recent review
If you like skimpy underwear this string is a must have for your wardrobe. Truly the Cadillac of g-strings. I'm definitely getting more of these in different colors. I hope cover male beings more light colors in them
# 5 Top Rated
Most recent review
I wanted an intimate garment for the date nights. That's when I saw this on the stockpile and it showcased itself to be very sexy. I placed an order for the same and I'm glad that I did. I'm Really surprised at how these felt on my skin. They were very soft and the revealing thing is like an air conditioner down there Not only that, the skimpy attire was loved by my girlfriend as well.
Most recent review
This is definitely a sexy product by Good Devil. The sex appeal provided by these cannot be matched by any other brand or style. My boyfriend keeps arranging secret dates often now because he loves to see me in this. I'm thinking to get a few more in different colors.
Most recent review
I love wearing these to g-strings during the summers. The fabric and the revealing cut keeps the genitals dry and ventilated. Apart from that, they can also be used for date nights as well. I'm thinking of buying more of them in different colors. Good work guys! Keep it up!
Most recent review
A must attire for hot date nights. You can't get less coverage than this. The waist band is comfortable and NOT too tight, not leaving lines on you even after you take them off. Leaving nothing for imagination it spices up the romantic relationships.Prompt shipping and delivery. Box was bigger than needed, but there wasn't much fabric, so how could that be avoided?
Most recent review
This g-string is a must purchase for every an out there. They enhance the assets in a very impressive way that delivers an attractive profile. Not only me but my wife also loves the way they feel and look. I love the all day comfort that it provides to my assets. I have become a loyal buyer of these and will be buying more of them for sure.
Most recent review
I bought the wrong size. I've ordered for an exchange but as far as I could see the product was damn sexy. I'm impatiently waiting for my product now.