2xist Men’s Briefs  

2xist is “to exist” is all about ‘to live’ to be in the moment and look to what’s next. Established in 1991, the iconic men’s underwear brand offers styles inspiration for the everyday man who’s looking to create or further define the look. The brand offers a delectable and comfortable assortment of men’s fashion underwear styles such as briefs, trunks, thongs and boxer briefs for men. 

The line of men’s brief underwear is stylish, comfortable and made with high quality standards. Let us look at the aspects of the manly assortment below. 

• Fashion-forward designs: The briefs available at Skiviez by the high-end fashion label. The designs are trendy, fashion-forward and made for the modern male population.

• Colorful assortment: This is the exclusive style offered by the brand that comes in vibrant hues of various colors. You can choose from the basic black to pretty pink and sunshine yellow.

• Contour pouch: Another exclusive aspect, the contour pouch options available at Skiviez in this category is specifically made for the male anatomy. 

Shop the assortment of 2xist briefs at skiviez.com.

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2xist Men's Briefs

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# 1 Top Rated
Most recent review
I have many different brands and styles of underwear. These full-rise briefs from Agacio are by far my favorite! They are very roomy, very soft, and fit perfectly. The pouch offers sack lifiting technology that adds to the functionlity. I love that they are a true full-cut with a traditional style fly. Well worth the price, because you'll notice the high quality immediately. I will definitely be buying more! The masculine color options makes it my kind of a underwear and brand.
Most recent review
The best part of the underwear is the construction that keeps my genitals in place. This presents an impressive front profile below my belt. Other than that, the fabric composition used in this underwear ensures enough stretch ability and comfort down there. The mesh panels provides enough breathability to the assets. It also stays soft on the skin which is comfortable on a hot climate.
Most recent review
I'm in love with the mesh fabric now. This is the first time I've tried these and I have experience that how comfortable your assets can be in them. I'm definitely buying more of these now. But I hope that I don't face the delivery issue again. The last product was delivered two days late.
Most recent review
Otzi never fails to surprise me in-terms of providing the needed comfort down there. And these briefs are no exception. The comfortable pouch makes me feel supported down there. It also provides an enhancement in the bulge area, thereby lifting the manhood in the correct position. I'm happy with my purchase.
Most recent review
Definitely for the man with confidence and underwear aficionado. You will feel great wearing them and significant other in your life will appreciate them more.
# 6 Top Rated
Most recent review
Briefs has been my preferred style for a very long time. It keeps my assets covered and that is the way an underwear should work. However, when I was scrolling through the website to get a new pair I found these. Mesh fabric was included in them which I had never tried before. I bought them and they turned out to be very comfortable as they provided a heavenly breath to my assets. The snug fit and the complete coverage keeps me worry-free all day. Good job guys!
Most recent review
I've never tried flashy colors before, this is the first time I did and I'm glad that I did. It feels new and confident on wearing a new color other than black and whites. The functionality is also good as the pouch presents an impressive front profile. The fabric also feels soft on skin. I've already got a lot of compliments from my girlfriend.
Most recent review
I tried this brand for the first time and just loved the quality and comfort that it provides. Here are some of the features that have made me a loyal customer of the brand. -Excellent Price -Comfortable -Good Support -Good Fit -Supportive pouch with enhancement contraption -Comfortable Waistband
Most recent review
This is without a doubt, the best briefs I've ever bought. I've tried a few other brands and styles, but this one beats them all. It is extremely comfortable and feels great. It provides a beautiful enhancement down there. The mesh fabric allows ample breath ability to my assets.Thinking of buying a few more in different colors.
Most recent review
I'm in love with these briefs now. I wear them all the time now as the fabric feels very soft on the skin. It keeps my assets comfortable down there. The pouch is structural enough to provide an impressive front profile. The best attire for summers.