Baskit Boxer Shorts 

Baskit Boxer Shorts are featured with amazing comfortability and functionality as they are designed with the most premium fabrics and materials that provides the support needed down below. Similarly the color shades are too attractive and the style is supported by waistband trimming around the legs. People find the attractive boxer briefs quite comfortable and functional with the open fly. With a blend of fabrics, Baskit Boxer Shorts makes for a breathable and flexible pair of sexy underwear. The pouch in the front is constituted with additional fabric to create a pocket and enhance your package while remaining attractive and comfortable. 

As of now, we have the most popular 4 styles but soon we will be coming up with different varieties in color, fabric and sizes.

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Baskit Men's Boxer Shorts

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Most recent review
These are my favorite pair of trunks. The fabric stays soft on the skin plus the fit gives allows me to flaunt my well-toned body. The pouch at the front keeps my genitals comfortable and breathable as well. Go for these if you care for your manhood.
Most recent review
After trying the Agacio brand I have continued buying this brand. Not only it has cool styling it feels next-to-naked comfortable and supports the boys with tons of freedom but last through multiple washings with months of wear. This is my permanent go-to underwear.
Most recent review
These boxer trunks provides the needed support to my package during the workouts. The fabric is quite soft and breathable which impressed me. Thinking of buying the same in different colors.
Most recent review
This is the sexiest sportswear I have in my collection. The high cuts at the sides adds to the senuality as well as ventialtion. I wear them for jogging as well as for workouts. However, the pouch of the underwear is not as supportive as that of the jockstraps and boxer briefs. But this apparel is definitely sexier than the other ones.
Most recent review
Bought this pair for the Soccer match. The boxer-briefs that I was using ealier was chafing me painfully. I just loved this pair. My size is in between S and M, so I purchased both. I just enjoy the more relaxed comfort of the mediums and the tighter, sexy comfort. The make my (already amazing) junk look amazing! The flag print is the brightest and the boldest option that I have in my collection.
Most recent review
These fit very nicely, move with you, and are very comfortable. Hardly feels like you're wearing anything at all!
Most recent review
I love these boxers. The fabric provides enough Breath ability to keeps me comfortable. The pouch at the front presents an impressive front profile. The only thing that has suffered is the time of delivery. The product wasn't delivered on the promised day a couple of times. If you guys can look into it, then it would be helpful.
Most recent review
For the modern stylish look and sexy feel! Good secure packaging, prompt delivery.
Most recent review
It seems that I brought the wrong size.The underwear feels very tight on my waist. I've opted for an exchange now. Lets see what happens next.