Otzi is one of the most new arrival men’s underwear brands in the fashion industry. The brand coined its popularity with the modern designs, conventional styles, comfortable pouch options and tasteful appeal in the collection of the various apparel styles available at Skiviez.

The assortment of men’s bikini underwear with Otzi is what is desired by men in terms of fashion as well as function. The delectable combination of subtlety and sex appeal is what you can find in every pair in the catalog. Some of the unique features of Otzi bikinis are:

Try them or you’ll miss the opportunity to pamper your manhood. The collection is available at skiviez.com.

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Otzi Men's Bikinis

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Most recent review
The size is smaller and I'm waiting for an exchange but yes I was impressed with the construction and the fabric. It seemed to be very light. Rest can only be explained when I try these. Hope I don't face the same thing again
Most recent review
I have never tried a tear drop design before because I feel that the pouch does not provide enough comfort down there. My girlfriend was the one who advice me to try these. The pouch of this underwear was very soft that provided me enough luxury down there. Other than that, the conventional coverage kept it easy down there. Apart from that, it also spices up the intimate affairs due to the revealing design.
Most recent review
I have been a loyal customer of Agacio for a very long time. So, I bought these when I saw them on your website. This underwear has an extra large pouch that presents a better room for my manhood. The sack lifting technology keeps my anatomy in an elevated position while the defining fit allows me to flaunt my well-chiseled body.
Most recent review
These briefs are an awesome update from the conventional style. I love the fabric composition that has been used. It stays so soft on the skin. It allows enough breath ability to my assets. Apart from that the main use is to wear it and flaunt it before my wife, it just spices up the moments effortlessly.
Most recent review
I bought these for my dad for his birthday and he loved it. They are high above the waist which is something he really wanted. Also the price is reasonable for the quantity of briefs in the package.
Most recent review
The fabric is very cozy and airy. I normally prefer boxers, when it comes to comfort, but this piece has changed my thinking. Any style of underwear can be comfortable if the quality of the fabric is taken care of. The Bikini Brief has a sheer accent in the pouch that adds to the breathability. My girlfriend just loved the sleek style, skimpy cut and unique front style. Will definitely order more such products.
Most recent review
These slip bikini looked attractive when I was scrolling through the website. So, I ordered them and I'm glad that I did. The size is just right for me. The fit allows me to flaunt my well-toned body. The skimpy structure and the fabric allows a good air circulation to my assets. Overall, I feel comfortable when I slip into these.
Most recent review
These colored bikini's are my favorite now. I started wearing them several months ago when I felt the need to pick a comfortable underwear for the scorching season and this one was the perfect choice for my needs. The small structure fans away the sweat down there while the pouch provides just the right support for the genitals. I'm just glad that I bought these.
Most recent review
Daniel Alexander never fails to impress its customers and this time again they have come with a fabulous product which gives a perfect front profile. The fabric also stays soft on the skin which makes it comfortable on hot seasons. The attractive prints adds to the positive points. Hoping to get more surprises.
Most recent review
I never expected a bikini brief to be sexy until I saw these. At once, I bought these and I glad that I did. They provide the comfort of boxers while keeping the image of sexy underwear. Would definitely recommend to others.