With plethora of styles available, PPU is recognized as a brand that combines sexiness and sporty appeal. The brand has men’s underwear styles like men’s thong, briefs and boxer briefs featured with straps, strings and innovative fabrics so as to raise the sex appeal.

Style, comfort, functionality, sex appeal, profile enhancement are some words which can be used to describe the brand completely. Some of the aspects of PPU apparels are see-through fabrics, classic styles with an innovative twist, enhancement techniques and sex appeal.

From square cut trunks and boxer briefs to regular boxers, then going all the way to the hard-to-describe. Most styles are profile-enhancing, and a few don’t even feature a pouch, setting a new standard in naughty men’s underwear.

When you checkout the catalog, you’ll see color like: black, blue, purple, pink, yellow, green, red, white turquoise and more.

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PPU Men's Underwear

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Most recent review
This is my favorite pair of underwear to wear for my wife. I just recently started purchasing "bedroom underwear", and this piece is really what made my adventure worth it. It feels sexy, and extremely comfortable. No annoying rubbing or chafing like some other pairs I have purchased. There's even a hole big enough for the fun part to come out and play. My wife loves it because she loves to grab my bare ass too!
Most recent review
great look and wonderful buy....price is good and shipping wasnt bad...
Most recent review
great buy and great look , price is good...and shipping wasnt bad...
Most recent review
looks and feels great....price is good and shipping didnt take to long..
Most recent review
Looking forward to wearing this item on the beach with my very Fucking Gorgeous Porn Star COCK Sexposed. Pose for everyone with my COCK showing and when photos or videos of me are taken my COCK will be ready for me to JACK OFF in front of everyone. ThankYou Skiviez! FUCK Yeah!!
Most recent review
Every day when I look on this site for an item to buy I look at this one. I already bought this one for myself so I can wear it on the Beach and show off my Gorgeous COCK. This item also enables me to have the at will desire to JACK OFF on the Beach and even ask women, and even some guys, if they want to feel my COCK. I have a very Beautiful COCK but I do love other COCK also. And evertime I see this gorgeous COCK wearing this item I Dream of Sucking it. I also dream of him either Hot CUMMMMMING in my mouth or ANAL FUCKING me.
Most recent review
I want to say more. I am a Porn Star and have Sucked a lot of COCK. The model in this Ad has a very Fucking Gorgeous COCK. I want to Suck it. Skiviez really knows how to appeal to the Sexual passion of people especially Porn Stars like myself who want to wear Pornographic items like this one so we can Sexpose our COCK as I do on the Beach. And then Skiviez gets these guys with very Gorgeous COCKS like this one to model theses items. I have Sucked some gorgeous COCK in my Sex life but this one is REALLY Gorgeous! FUCK!
Most recent review
The jockstrap is very sexy and it fits perfectly. It doesn't itch from the back nor the front. The only minus is that it has to be washed by hand but otherwise its really good
Most recent review
Great item, very comfortable and nice style.
Most recent review
My favorite pair of underwear. Does not ride up or hug too tightly. Looks and makes you feel incredibly sexy. Originally purchased in Navy and now have in two other colors.