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2/24/2013 6:19 PM Kyle Sky Jock

Wonderful jock! This is the most comfortable jock that I own. Keeps the "boys" cool when I'm working out. I've had problems in the past with waistbands being too loose or too tight while at the gym, but these seem to keep snug to my body. Great for going…

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12/31/2012 4:51 PM Kyle Sky Brief

Fantastic underwear! Fit nicely, and snug where it counts, but not too snug. The "boys" were able to breath through a normal work day. Waistband was very comfortable compared to other underwear. If you have a bubble butt like me, go a size larger. My che…

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7/24/2012 11:36 PM Kyle Fly Front Mesh Jock

The Kyle Fly Front Mesh Jock is one of the most comfortable jockstraps that I have ever purchased. The fact that it has a design that fits comfortably, and has a desirable look, is nothing compared to the reasonable price. But what makes it one of my mos…

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