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9/1/2013 1:11 AM Calvin Klein Body Trunk

These r comfy to chill out in an enough room in the pouch.

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5/25/2013 2:45 PM Speedo Solar Brief

I've been lookin for these in whote an found them. An the white is complete revealin when wet. My neighbor he gets real turn on sees my cock an ball when im out in thw yard woorking. If u like them tex me @ 1-417-880-9274

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5/22/2013 10:08 AM 2xist Essential 3 Pack Contour Pouch Brief

These r very comfy. Good for being lazy an loafin around the house. If u like tex me at 1-417-576-6046

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12/3/2012 7:57 PM 2xist Essential Thong

I just got mine on Friday an love the Y-Back thong. A freind of mine says the Frenum&Reverse Prince Albert u can c right though the pouch. The Y-Back strap feels good along my croutch. Looks even better with the metal CockRing on. Plan to buy the Low Ris…

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