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7/13/2012 12:58 AM Gregg Homme Boytoy Jock

These are fun. They fit nicely, look good, comfortable and are well made. The material is thin and stretchy. No complaints. I will need to remove the tag in the back probably. You can see it in the pic and that bugs me so I usually remove them when …

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7/13/2012 12:45 AM Gregg Homme Xcess Thong

Way cool! The fit is good, very comfortable, and really sexy. I like the little bit of exposure in the front. The material is light and stretches. I will need to remove the tag in the back

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7/13/2012 12:38 AM Intymen Fill It Jock Strap

Pretty good. Comfortable, well made. The straps are wide and fit nicely. This is another one of those with an "enhancement" feature, but this one is more comfortable than most. It does however, leave your sack looking a little weird from the side.

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7/13/2012 12:31 AM Gregg Homme Fuel G-String

Fun, fun! Very nice, well made, cool looking. The material is strange, not in a bad way just unusual. Gives sort of a leather look but is light and thin. I am wondering how the material is going to stand up to washing. I'm pretty rough, everything go…

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7/13/2012 12:16 AM Gregg Homme Afterhour String

I like these a lot. They fit well, good construction, sexy see-through, and comfortable. They do everything right for me. You are going to want to remove the scratchy tag, which I've already done in the pictures. It is right in the pouch and will sho…

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