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1/31/2013 5:47 PM Intymen Fill It Flex Brief

C panel is a bit uncomforable after a long day at work but the fit is amasing! and the first time I put them on my wife said Wow! enought said.

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1/30/2013 4:27 PM 2xist Lift No Show Brief

I like these pair allot as they REALLY show off what you got! Definitely keeps things from getting out of place. The part under the boys gets a bit annoying but I find its just the front riding up. Also I found keeping that area free of hair has stopped …

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1/30/2013 4:16 PM Kyle Fly Front Mesh Brief

For one, I thought FLY was just a cool name and would never have bought them if i knew that it was a "FLY"! I have to say I quite disapointed with them... as many other have said they tend to open up and let "him" poke out... Not nice when you are in a p…

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1/28/2013 9:44 PM Cocksox Sports Brief

This has to be the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever bought. I can have them on all day and dont have to worry about "Things" going in the wrong place, It works like underwear should. Red on Black looks great too. Standing up great in the w…

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