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  • Age: 26
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12/9/2011 11:56 PM Obviously Chromatic Low Rise Trunk

OKAY...these are fun to own but I only wear them on special occasions. I'm not bragging but I'm already big upfront. When I put these on! I look like gunna hurt someone. I mean I look like I could take down the Empire State Building if I turned my my …

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12/9/2011 11:43 PM 2xist Lift No Show Trunk

It has a complicated "lift" for front and back that ACTUALLY lifts LESS then 2xist military/sport no show brief. They are comfortable but don't expect much lift in back OR front. Kinda silly pouch design... I think the Kyle Sky's give the best definit…

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12/4/2011 3:48 PM Levi's 2 Pack Trunks

The are very comfortable for the first month. The leg openings "break"/stretch and then they look bad. If you have big legs from working out? Don't buy them.

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12/4/2011 3:40 PM 2xist Lift No Show Brief

Once you get used to the funky lift. They are really comfortable briefs. The back covers a larger bottom than expected. Supportive both front and back. One of my favorite pair of briefs.

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12/3/2011 6:44 PM Andrew Christian Shock Jock Brief

I bought these by accident (the one with enhancement). I didn't realize they had a big "thing"/pad in the front. I threw out the "enhancement." The pad looked silly and took up too much of the front pouch (junk wasn't getting enough room. WITHOUT the…

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