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8/23/2014 4:40 AM Unico Titicaca Trunk

Wow a perfect formed fit Trunk and Microfiber. Just order an extra size up.

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2/16/2013 4:37 AM Calvin Klein CK One Low Rise Trunk

A good fit all the way around. With this design though I like the brief better.

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2/16/2013 4:36 AM Calvin Klein CK One Cotton Stretch Brief

These briefs from CK are just awesome!

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2/16/2013 4:29 AM Skiviez Elite Fit Trunk

I liked the dyed red color chosen for these Trunks. I liked the perfect fit for putting them on and am still wearing them an hour later. An awesome all around package to wear. The back tag totally needs to get replaced, irrespective of what the Wool …

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2/16/2013 3:50 AM Calvin Klein Concept Micro Low Rise Trunk

There must have been a rush to production with this ad campaign by CK. Sloppy seam work and loose threads is what I got when I turned the seams inside out. So I spent a few minutes cleaning up the loose threads. If you want a VPL than these are defini…

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