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  • Display Name: Marc Harris
  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV


I'm an underwear afficionado and enthusiast. I've been all about underwear for many years, and at my favorite bar, we have an underwear night, that I take credit for making it as popular as it became. People would envy my variety of undies and would always ask where I bought them. The word, "Skiviez" would just roll off my tongue.


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4/27/2010 5:07 AM PPU Side Cut Out Brief

These are so sexy! I like the cutouts very much. I thought they would fit weirdly because of the cutouts, but PPU found a way to make it work and make it look good! They were fun while they lasted. I ended up loving them so much i wore them a lot and …

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4/27/2010 5:06 AM Pikante Scottish Classic Brief

These are absolutely gorgeous! My favorite pair so far. Enough flash for the fans! Not so much agreeing with my review 2 years ago. The butt started to wear after 5-6 uses. But then again, I was go-go dancing at the time. The gold crotch was nice but …

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4/27/2010 5:06 AM Pikante F1 Matrix Brief

Gotta love the way these look on my body! HOT!!! black would have been better. I got the red ones.

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4/27/2010 5:06 AM Clever Tahiti Brief

Thought these would be my favorite. Very flashy pattern though so they'll be excellent at the club on underwear nights! After wearing these like 3-4 times, the pattern on the butt started to wear away and made the sagging of the fabric look worse. Hor…

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4/27/2010 5:06 AM Papi Platinum Brief

Fabric is LOVELY! Gives me a little booty boost even though i already got booty. 2 years later, still hot.

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