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4/15/2013 1:28 PM Bike Performance Cotton Strap Supporter

This is a great jockstrap, I have quite a few of these and along with the Bike swimmer wear these all day and night particularly if I'm going to be very physically active or want to wear something sexy. The major difference between this and the swimmer i…

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4/15/2013 1:21 PM Bike Swimmer Jogger Supporter 2 pack

This is my go to jockstrap for all day and night wear. I find this jockstrap to be extremely comfortable with just the right amount of lift and support without being crushingly tight. I wear these under jeans, suits, shorts and swim trunks. I wear them w…

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3/28/2012 10:05 PM C-IN2 Zen Slider

These are the best briefs I have worn in a long long time. The fabric is soft, stretchy, light and airy. They'll keep you cool, comfortable and well supported. The pouch is a great shape and gives you a good bulge up front. I am ordering more of thes…

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12/16/2011 9:46 PM Active Man Spandex Pouch Jockstrap

I quite like this jockstrap. I've worn it quite a bit in the summer when it was really hot out and it is nice, cool and light. The pouch is pretty roomy and gives you a good bulge in your shorts as it lifts and puts everything out front.

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1/21/2011 9:49 PM Bike 10 Performance Strap Supporter 2 Pack

I recently ordered a couple of these jockstraps as they are my favourite. BIKE has made some changes to this jockstrap. Firstly, the waistband is wider once again, it looks to be back to the traditional 3" width as the BIKE #10 has always been. Anothe…

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