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11/8/2011 3:20 AM Gregg Homme Afterhour Low Rise Trunk

The product fits well but the mesh pocket in the front feels like rubs sometimes. It takes a bit of getting use to. It overall fits well enough to wear all day if you can get over the slight rub.

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5/20/2011 9:53 PM Joe Snyder Fashion Thong

Good fit. Typical Joe Snyder product in quality. I have had great luck with Joe Snyder products. Besides being comfortable I like that they are creative.

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12/7/2010 7:20 PM Gregg Homme Hercules Trunk

The first thing I noticed about these were the weight. Unlike most underwear these have some weight to them. I would have to say its the chain that is adding the weight. It's not to the point of being uncomfortable but you do notice it. The other point t…

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12/23/2009 7:20 PM Candyman Zip It Up Low Rise Brief

The rise especially in the back is much higher than I thought they would be. This is my first pair of candyman underwear and they are comfortable enough to wear all day. There is a lining behind the zipper to comfort and maybe to help prevent minor accid…

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