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4/7/2011 5:54 PM Baskit Light Jock Strap

comfortable fit but a few small issues that dropped my rating. the pouch is a bit snug at the sides so it kinda rubs a bit, waist band has a tendency to flip and curl in the back. Overall a decent product, but there are several other products I would rec…

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2/22/2011 5:51 PM Andrew Christian Sports Mesh Jock

very comfortable, straps and waistband are soft and don't dig into the skin. back straps provide good support without digging in but there is some slight rolling of the elastic which can result in the need for inappropriate adjustments in public. pouch i…

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2/22/2011 5:34 PM Andrew Christian Flashback Trunk

the bf has a pair of these and I am not overly happy with the way they look. as others have noted, the elastic on the waist needs to be stronger/tighter to get the desired effect. as it is the elastics on the back don't really have enough lift and just…

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2/22/2011 5:11 PM Andrew Christian Dry & Naked Show-It Sports Jock

extremely comfortable and breathable. nice to wear all day long but I do find them a bit uncomfortable (as with all ShowIt) to wear to bed as they are a bit constricting and for the same reason they are great to wear during the day, they are somewhat un…

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10/25/2010 8:42 PM 2xist Contrast No-Show Trunk

I have two pair of these and they are extremely comfortable and the fabric is nice and soft, which is also where it loses a star because they stretch out after extended wear and I definitely don't recommend wearing them to bed or the leg holes will doubl…

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