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3/26/2009 12:45 AM 2xist Optic No-Show Brief

Awesome underwear. The colors are awesome. They're a little softer than the pictures portray. In other words, not as shiny as the pictures make them look, but very colorful still. Very, very soft. I love them. But these are the largest underwear I'…

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3/26/2009 12:42 AM C-IN2 Time Sphere Low Rise Brief

Love them. I don't know about you, but these looked a little purple to me. In person, they're pink. Pretty vibrant. But nice. Very soft. They are a little large. Depending on how tight you like your briefs, you may want a size smaller.

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3/26/2009 12:41 AM C-IN2 Time Sphere Low Rise Brief

Love some C-IN2. The color is a tad more vibrant than the pictures. In my experience, the size is a tad large. If you want it tight, get a size smaller. Very soft underwear. Love them.

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3/26/2009 12:40 AM C-IN2 Utopia Cubes Low Rise Brief

Very comfortable. Soft. I love them. The color is slightly more vibrant than the pictures, which I like. It seems like underwear is cut on the high end of the scale. If you want it fitting nice and tight and small, get a size smaller.

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3/26/2009 12:37 AM Play Metallic Low Rise Brief

Could be more comfortable. Maybe a little softer. The front is a little baggy. The back though is fairly tight. Hugs your butt real well and it hardly feels like you're wearing anything back there. I like that part. Still, you might want to get a s…

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