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2/8/2010 6:42 PM Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief

This is the most amazing pair of underwear I've ever worn! This is so life changing. Gentlemen if you prefer your package to hang almost like you would naked but still supported by your underwear this IS the pair to buy. The material is SO lightweight. "…

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1/23/2010 3:51 AM 2xist Contrast No-Show Trunk

I love the design. I think its cut very well and the blue/ brown color is great. Not so great was the sorry for an excuse pouch in the front. I don't know if I got just a bad pair or what but I absolutely could not fit my penis with my balls in that pouc…

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1/23/2010 3:47 AM 2xist Essential V-Neck T-Shirt 3-Pack

Its a nice t-shirt but unless you have a huge muscular chest and arms it doesn't quite fit or look like it might. If you have a 2xist model body, its perfect lol

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1/23/2010 3:47 AM 2xist Contrast Contour Pouch Brief

I love this product. Its highly recommend! I am 5'5" with a slender frame, a tiny 28 inch waist and things don't always fit right because I also have a round butt and somewhat large package. This pair fit me perfectly. It even stretched to fit me exactly…

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