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10/9/2009 12:59 AM Tommy Hilfiger Classic Brief 3-Pack

I hated this underwear I have an older tommy pair that is a size 36. it does not ride up on me this one does. I liked the old ones a hell of a better then the old ones. I got a 36 what i am been wearing all of my underwear is a size 36 not these.

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10/9/2009 12:53 AM Sean John Brief 3 pack

I love this underwear it very comfortable. I wish they did not s through Xl insted of 30 to 40 thats. my only thing about this underwear. i would buy a nother one a gain

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7/20/2008 2:02 AM Tommy Hilfiger Flag Briefs 3-Pack

I been buying tommy for 3 years i love them i feel they are very comfortable. My tommy That i have not I had for a year now. The are starting to falling apart. probely washing it over and over. i will buy it again again again.

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7/20/2008 1:55 AM RIPS Fly Front Brief 3-Pack

I did not like them i felt i did not have enough room. and very very uncoftable i will not buy them ever.

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