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7/10/2008 8:04 PM Skiviez Camo Low Rise Jock Strap

Skiviez you really out did yourself this time! I will for SURE be buyin more underwear with your name on the waist band!This is my new favorite jock strap! I LOVE the camo print! There is the perfect amount of space for my unit! The straps on the back fe…

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7/10/2008 8:04 PM C-IN2 Jock Strap

I LOVE this jock strap! The waist band is perfect! I LOVE wearin' these to sleep in!

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7/6/2008 4:13 AM C-IN2 Pop Color Jock

I sometimes sleep naked. But actually recently I just started to enjoy sleeping in jock straps. I love the open back feel while I sleep. They are also good for working out. This style comes in GREAT colors..I'm buying more!

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7/6/2008 4:13 AM C-IN2 Cubed Low No Show Brief

The C-IN2 Low No Show Brief is the perfect size for me! Not too tight and not too loose in all areas that they should be. I LOVE the material that is used! They feel softer than most other briefs that I wear. They make my package really stand out!

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