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3/30/2008 7:03 PM Skiviez Low Rise Pouch Fly Front

typical tighty whities. emphasis on tighty. nothing exciting, but still nice.

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3/28/2008 3:14 AM Skiviez Low Rise Jock Strap

This is a great jock. I have never owned one that was so comfortable to wear. This is the only brand that has made it from the workout attire to everyday wear. I can't recommend this enough!!!

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3/19/2008 10:00 PM Skiviez Cotton Stretch Ultra Low Rise Brief

Of the several styles of Skiviez brand underwear, this one is definitely the smallest. Even the pouch seems to be smaller than others. Luckily I'm in the process of losing some weight, so hopefully they will fit better in the future.

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3/18/2008 1:52 PM Skiviez Low Rise Pouch Fly Front

extremly comfortable. I'm definitely considering more. I just wish the pouch was a little bigger, only because I like the extra room. Other than that, it's amazing.

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3/18/2008 1:52 PM Skiviez Low Rise Jock Strap

Same waistband as the rest of the underwear line. The pouch is soft. This jock is extremely comfortable and great for workouts in the gym, or even for everyday wear. I'm so glad I bought 3.

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