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29 year old male who loves sexy hot underwear.... I own several different styles, but by far bikini briefs and thongs are my favorite... :)


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11/21/2011 3:47 PM Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity Thong

I am at work right now currently wearing this thong under levi jeans.... Feels AMAZING!!! Can't even tell i'm wearing anything... Most comfortable, soft, and sexy thong I have ever worn... Will definately be purchasing more... Very satisfied customer…

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10/27/2008 2:24 PM 2xist Essential Thong

Best thong i've ever worn.. Feels incredibly sexy and fits wonderfully... (I'm wearing mine now) I wear a size 33 in waist and bought a medium.. I will definately be wearing it all the time... Even to the gym.. Thumbs up on this thong...

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