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6/20/2012 2:22 AM Timoteo Sport Jock Strap

fun to wear and very comfortable... forget i am wearing anything

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10/23/2010 3:36 AM Joe Snyder Bulge Bikini

Definate enhancement but ass is small, climbs up too much

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10/23/2010 3:34 AM Andrew Christian Football Jock

More of a novelty

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11/20/2009 12:42 AM Andrew Christian Shock Jock Brief

Good under pants and shorts, but not natural looking in person and if someone feels you up, you feel stuffed, not genuine. Other enhancement briefs still show some natural bulges and feel "normal" when checked out. Also feels looser than other AC briefs …

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4/9/2009 9:39 AM C-IN2 Bamboo Street Jock

The best currently on market

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