Baskit Ribbed

Baskit Contrasts

Skiviez is proud to be a huge source of Baskit underwear - a constant source of high quality underwear that stays up on your waist, down on your legs and keeps your “boys” where they belong. The Contrast line is just that - contrasting colors in combinations that will brighten up any underwear drawer. Available in a low-rise trunk, jock, boxer brief, and bikini brief, Baskit has thought of everything to keep you looking your best.

Baskit Pure

Baskit Burnout

Baskit Action Cool

Baskit Luxe

Baskit Underwear is designed with quality and style in mind. Skiviez is proud to offer the complete and full current line of Baskitwear products. With unique and attractive color combinations as well as prints that you won’t find anywhere else, Baskit is a fun addition to any underwear collection. Whether you are more of a Basic guy or want some Contrast in your underwear, Baskit has you covered. For those that are looking for prints, Skiviez has taken care of that too by offering Baskit’s Brawn Line.

Not only are the colors visually pleasing, but the fit and comfort is top of the line. Baskit offers many options when it comes to fit, so whether you’re looking for a sawed-off brief, a low-rise trunk, a bikini brief, a jock, or maybe a boxer brief, Skiviez is the place to go for all of your Baskit underwear needs. Skiviez is constantly stocking up on new Baskit underwear to keep our customers up-to-date with the fashions of the day. We’re not kidding when we say that we’re the men’s underwear authority.

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