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What do the fabric care symbols on the product tags mean?

Check out this handy PDF reference guide from the University of Tennessee.

How do I return or exchange an item?

Please refer to our refund policy to determine if your item is eligible.

What size should I buy? What is right for me?

Sizing choice is not based only on measurements but also on personal preferences. It's not always simple for us to say what size is right for you, but we can help recommend a size. Also, be sure to click on the "Size Charts" tab on each product page; you'll be able to see if other Skiviez customers think that product runs true to size or not.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, money orders made out in USD, personal checks (US customers only), and PayPal. Checks and money orders take longer to process because they first must be cleared by the bank. Not all payment options are available to all countries. We do not accept cash.

When am I charged for my order?

We verify that all items are in stock and available to ship before we charge your credit card. You are charged when your items are shipped. You are not charged for unshipped items. If an item is backordered, you'll be charged for that item separately when it becomes available.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Skiviez will collect sales tax only if the shipping address is within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Why do you ask for my phone number during checkout?

For billing addresses, the issuing bank of your credit card might ask us for your phone number as an extra security measure when verifying your card.

For shipping addresses, we'll only call the number if a courier tells us that they're having problems delivering your order.

We will not call you to try to sell products to you, nor will we sell your phone number to telemarketers.

How long do backordered items take to ship?

Backordered items are normally shipped within 30 days for items in stock at the manufacturer. However, due to manufacturer production and shipping schedules, some items can take longer. Backordered items are shipped via standard shipping, usually via USPS.

Under "Your Account," what do the order statuses mean?

As we work on your order, your order will progress through several statuses. You can keep track of your order's status by visiting Your Account. Here's the order status decoder ring:

Order Statuses
Status Description
Pending Your order is received and is in the queue to be picked and processed. You are free to change or cancel your order by contacting customer support.
Processed Your order has been picked and your payment method has been successfully charged. It's in the queue for packaging and shipping. If you cancel your order, we'll have to issue a refund. You are strongly discouraged from altering your order from this point forward.
Shipped Your order has been packaged and marked with a shipping label. Please note that this status doesn't necessarily mean that the courier has picked the package up yet; couriers pick up our packages in the evening of every business day.
Address Problem We had trouble verifying the billing address of your credit card. Please update customer support with the correct billing address information.
Declined Your payment method was declined. For credit card payments, use the secure link in the e-mail that we sent to you to update your credit card information. For all other payments, please contact customer support.
Canceled Skiviez canceled your order. If your payment method was charged, it will be refunded. Orders may be canceled at your request; Skiviez also reserves the right to cancel an order for any reason, but typically we only cancel orders that are likely fraudulent.

Other order statuses might appear from time to time, but these are by far the most common ones.

What type of packaging do you use? Does it have your logo on it?

We use plain cardboard boxes, grey polyamide mailing bags, or FedEx Express or UPS boxes, packs, and envelopes. There are no company logos on the boxes and none of the packaging is translucent or clear. Our return address is printed as "Shipping Dept" for orders sent to destinations within the United States; for international customers, our return address reads "Skiviez".

How much is shipping?

View our shipping rates page for rates and a list of countries that we currently ship to. Please note that not all shipping options are available to all countries. If your country isn't listed, then we won't be able to ship to you.

Do you require a signature for packages?

Some shipments do require a signature. Signature requirements are at our discretion; normally, we require a signature for large orders, typically ones over $175. FedEx requires a signature for all international shipments. If you have further questions about our signature policy, please contact customer service at

Can you declare the customs value of my package us under a certain dollar amount?

No. We cannot and will not alter, falsify, or in any other way misrepresent the declared value of an international shipment. The full amount of the purchased items will be noted on the customs declaration.

How is the merchandise listed on the customs forms?

We list our items as "men's underwear." Most customs officials in countries that we ship to require more accurate product descriptions than simply "clothing." Also, items listed as "clothing" usually have higher duties.

How much in duties, taxes, VAT, or other fees will I have to pay?

We cannot calculate or predict how much, if any, fees you will be charged by your country. You can contact your local customs office to find out the rates for your country. You may also contact your local FedEx or UPS office for brokerage and administration fees.

How long will it take me to get my order?

Shipping times vary from state to state and country to country; they're also dependent on which shipping method you've chosen during checkout.

What does the Verified Buyer icon mean next to customer reviews?

The "Verified Buyer" icon shows up next to reviews where we've confirmed that the user actually bought the product from our store.

If you've bought an item recently and the icon doesn't show up next to your review, just relax; the "Verified Buyer" status is processed every evening.

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