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There are many styles of low rise men's underwear available from popular fashion designers, and even more from companies that specialize in men's underwear. The style that is best for a guy will often depend on the activities he frequently enjoys. Many opt for the can't-go-wrong choices of briefs and trunks. Both of these designs offer support, making them suitable for strenuous activities. Some designers have low rise underwear styles that are specially intended for demanding activities, and construct them accordingly from breathable fabrics.

Advantages of Low Rise Designer Underwear

There are a number of reasons men may prefer low rise underwear over other styles.

  • Some may choose these designs because they feel as though the extra fabric from traditional men's underwear is too restrictive.
  • Low rise styles sit below the waist, ensuring that excess fabric will not bunch up and create big bulges through shirts or pants. Men who prefer low rise jeans may also find that these styles are perfect, as they will sneak up when they move around.
  • Low rise briefs and trunks may also be the best choice for shorter men, as they can create the appearance of a longer torso.

Skiviez carries a big selection of designer men's underwear in styles ranging from low rise trunks to thongs, jock straps and boxer briefs. The company maintains a large inventory of undergarments from many different designers, giving men ample opportunity to select the styles that fit them best in designs that match their personal taste.

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