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Nylon Briefs For Men
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Nylon briefs for men and woven cotton boxers are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the discussion about boxers or briefs. Nylon briefs for men enjoy a couple of advantages. For one thing, nylon is a component of the stretchy stuff such as lycra and spandex, so it moves easily with the wearer. Nylon dries quickly, so it's often used for swimwear and athletic clothes. Nylon briefs for men come in a great array of rich colors and prints, and resist fading or shrinking. Nylon can be fitted closer to the body than non-stretchy fabrics, so it gives a sleeker look under clothes.

Woven cotton boxers, on the other hand, offer the feeling of freedom, since they don't cling to the body. There are no leg bands, and the waistband is less constrictive, so there's less chance of looking squeezed into your undies or sporting a giant muffin top. When cotton boxers are made from a knit, they're softer, and usually cut slimmer. Cotton knit is also more absorbent. In terms of the sheer number of styles, though, men's nylon briefs emerge as the clear winner in any boxers or briefs contention.

Nylon Briefs for Men From Top Designers

At Skiviez.com, we carry an incredible selection of briefs from your favorite designers, ranging from the classics such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger to the wilder side represented by Piss and Vinegar or Pikante. For more information about men's nylon briefs or any of our other products, send an email to info@skiviez.com.

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