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It was a great day for men when nylon was invented, because it made mens nylon underwear possible. Mens nylon briefs gained a stretchiness that made support more comfortable, and when nylon was added to traditional boxers, that allowed for the marvelous hybrid, boxer brief underwear. At, we celebrate all that's new and innovative, especially when it makes us look good, too.

Mens Nylon Underwear Offers Infinite Variety

Gone are the days of boring tightie whities. These days, mens nylon underwear is available in an astounding number of options. Men's nylon briefs come in low rise, pouch, sport, bikini and fly front styles from Tommy Hilfiger, Clever, Ginch Gonch, Diesel, Calvin Klein and more. Colors and patterns vary from the classic to the comic to the hot hot hot!

For those who aren't wild about briefs but appreciate the support, boxer brief underwear is the perfect solution. They're more forgiving than briefs, so you never look poured-in or sport a muffin top. They also offer more coverage than most briefs, preventing plumber butt. This feature is especially appreciated by taller men, who may find briefs too...well, brief.

Be sure to keep checking back, because we always have new styles coming in. Keep an eye on our sale and clearance pages too. We have to make room somewhere, and that means savings for you. For more information about mens nylon underwear, contact us at

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