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Men's nylon briefs take up a large part of the average man's underwear drawer, as well they might. Nylon briefs for men have a lot of advantages. The fabric, which usually blends nylon with some cotton for absorbency, is light, stretchy and supremely comfortable. It's easy to care for and resists shrinking and fading. Men's nylon briefs provide unobtrusive support under the most slim-fitting of pants, but if you'd like to be a little more obtrusive, they can also be designed with a sling to emphasize your package or boost your butt.

Nylon briefs for men are fun, too. Designers love the fabric, and let loose with their most imaginative prints and patterns. At, we carry an eye-popping variety of men's nylon briefs from a wide range of designers. Our roster comprises the whole gamut, from the luxurious traditionalism of Hanro to such fashion-forward names as Clever, Gigo and Timoteo.

In its incarnation as lycra or spandex, you'll find nylon in boxer briefs, too. The stretchy material allows for a slim fit without binding, and helps provide support for the boys. Check out our catalog to see the many styles available.

Men's Nylon Briefs and Nylon Boxer Briefs at Excellent Prices

At, you'll get excellent value for your money. Savings mount up even higher when you shop our sale and clearance pages, where you'll find discounts up to 50 percent or more. Free shipping in the U.S. with a minimum purchase helps the budget, too.

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