Mens Microfiber Underwear

Cotton is often touted for how breathable it is as a fabric, making it ideal for mens underwear. Compared to other fabrics, such as broadcloth, cotton is much softer to the touch and more comfortable to wear throughout the day. Recently, many companies have begun to design mens underwear that incorporates or is made completely from microfiber, as well. Click Here For Mens Microfiber Underwear!

Mens microfiber underwear is just as breathable and soft as cotton. The main advantage of mens microfiber underwear, however, is that it pulls moisture off the body, toward the surface of the microfiber. Unlike cotton underwear that simply absorbs moisture, microfiber actually hastens the speed with which it can evaporate.

Mens Microfiber Underwear for Sports

At Skiviez, we offer a large selection of different styles of underwear in both cotton and microfiber, so you can choose those in which you are most comfortable. If you're looking for underwear in which you can undertake strenuous athletic activities, you may prefer microfiber underwear, as it will help to rid you of the sweat that you build up. Among the athletic underwear you'll find at Skiviez are the Pro series from Calvin Klein and underwear from Papi. Some of the mens cotton underwear that we carry are made with microfiber waistbands and piping. Unlike elastic waistbands, the microfiber offers a soft touch that hugs your body. To find out more about the benefits of microfiber underwear, contact us today at or 1-800-628-1693.

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