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Mens low rise briefs hit the fashion underwear world when 2xist came out with the No-Show Briefs, and thousands of men were saved from having their underwear waistbands peeking out from their low rise jeans. These days, mens low rise briefs and their skimpier cousins, mens bikini briefs, are fairly standard attire, and certainly part of any man's underwear wardrobe. At, we have an extensive collection of underwear styles for you to choose from, including mens boxer briefs, boxers, thongs and trunks in addition to mens low rise briefs.

Caution: Mens Low Rise Briefs May Lead to Sexy Time

Designers love this style, and use it to show off their range of colors, fabrics and prints. They also love to create sexy styles, such as briefs with a sling to present your goods front and center. Mesh is also popular, either in peekaboo panels or for overall see-through effects. Since the fabrics tend to be soft and stretchy, men's bikini briefs and low rise briefs are comfortable as well as attractive.

For those who prefer more coverage, we also have fly-front briefs, trunks and mens boxer briefs. Boxer briefs offer a good deal more coverage, which is especially helpful for tall men who may feel like they're falling out of skimpier styles. Like conventional boxers, they have non-restrictive leg bands and waistbands, but they offer the support of a brief.

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