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Men's briefs come in a glorious variety, and has them all for you. There are square-cut briefs, pouch briefs, bikini briefs, low-rise briefs, fly-front briefs and sports briefs. There are men's briefs with slings to maximize your assets and briefs of mesh to show them off. The array of choices in colors, styles, fabrics and hip designers is breathtaking.

Men's Briefs, Men's Boxers and Boxer Briefs for Men

Despite the great variety of options, men's briefs aren't the only choice, or even the best choice for everyone. Men's boxers also have a devoted following. Boxers are beloved by those who like the feeling of freedom they provide, and by those whose pants hang so low they'd have a serious case of plumber's butt in briefs. Boxers come in knit and woven fabrics, with traditional, slim or runner's cuts. Since neither the legs nor waistband are constrictive, you can avoid the dreaded muffin top and that feeling that you're losing circulation in your legs.

Men's boxer briefs for men are a relatively recent addition to the oeuvre. Like any other hybrid, they combine the best qualities from both briefs (the support) and boxers (the comfort). You'll find boxer briefs in a nice range of colors and styles, and in flat knit, ribbed knit and mesh fabrics.

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