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The catalog is like a candy store of mens bikini briefs and mens low rise briefs. Here you'll find them in just about every variation of color, cut, fabric and designer. Bet you can't choose just one!

Mens bikini briefs keep you comfortably covered under your clothes and really show off your assets when you take your clothes off. As if mens low rise briefs weren't flattering enough, we also have styles that increase your confidence while they enhance and enlarge your package or give your butt a boost. Anti-muffin-top waistbands help you look your best, too.

Find Mens Bikini Briefs by Your Favorite Designers

You won't believe the great range of designers we offer for your wardrobe of mens bikini briefs. Here are just a few to whet your appetite:

  • Andrew Christian
  • Gregg Homme
  • Papi
  • Candyman
  • Gigo
  • Clever
  • DKNY
  • Pikante
  • Ginch Gonch
  • Joe Snyder
  • Hugo Boss
  • Giulio
  • Obviously
  • Piss and Vinegar
  • Unico
  • Timoteo

Do we have your attention now? Of course we carry all the classics, too, like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, 2xist and Diesel.

We carry other styles, as well. We have mens boxer briefs for those who like the support of a pouch combined with the coverage of a boxer. And for the daring, we also carry thongs, colorful jock straps and sock pouches. Be sure to check out what's new every time you visit.

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