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Listen, men: briefs are a perfectly fine choice for filling most of your underwear drawer. They offer a sleek fit and comfortable support, and they come in a wide variety of styles, such as sport briefs, pouch briefs, fly-front briefs and low-rise briefs. The range of colors and prints is pretty amazing too, so you can have a wardrobe that includes everything from Hanro's upscale version of tightie whities to the iconoclastic, in-your-face designs of Piss and Vinegar or Clever.

However, for a lot of men, briefs are too constricting. For these men, boxers do away with binding leg bands and waistbands that far too often produce that muffin top effect. Men in boxers like the unfettered feeling they get when they're hanging loose. Boxers are also available in a nice range of colors and prints. The fabric may be woven or, for a slimmer fit, a soft cotton knit.

For Stylish Men, Briefs and Boxers Are Just the Beginning

At, we have strong opinions on underwear, as you may imagine. We have our boxer men and briefs men, but we don't stop there. For some of our men, boxer briefs offer the perfect compromise. They tend to be a bit fanatical, these men: boxer briefs offer both comfort and freedom, and they don't see why anyone needs anything else.

Well, the rest of us disagree. We think a man of fashion should have a drawer full of options. You might want low-rise briefs one day, classic boxers the next, and who knows, maybe a thong would be perfect for the night after that! If you've been stuck in a rut, pick up a pair or two of something different and see how you like it.

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