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Low rise underwear is available in multiple styles for men, including trunks and briefs. Low rise styles provide the same extent of support as typical men's underwear, but sit lower on the waist. Some men may find that they are more comfortable and less restricted with low rise underwear. On top of that, men who have worked hard in the gym to develop their abdominal muscles may find that low rise briefs and trunks allow them to showcase their physiques.

Choosing Types of Low Rise Men's Underwear

Many guys and their partners think that standard briefs are among the least sexy pieces of clothing in a man's wardrobe. Briefs, however, provide more support than most styles of underwear, including men's boxer shorts. Those who want the support that briefs provide but seek a sexier style may prefer low rise designs that include just enough material to provide the necessary coverage.

While others may prefer the way low rise briefs sit on their bodies, they may also be more modest and want additional coverage. Low rise trunks offer the same support as boxer briefs, but offer a middle ground between boxer shorts and briefs. Both of these styles of men's low rise underwear can be found in a number of colors and prints, so every guy can feel sexy and express himself.

Skiviez offers a large selection of low rise men's underwear from designers including 2xist, Baskit, and Wax. In addition to low rise underwear, the company offers a selection of standard briefs, boxers, and sleepwear.

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