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How To Wear Low Rise Bikini Underwear

Find Low Rise Bikini Underwear

Men's low rise bikini underwear can offer more freedom than traditional men's briefs, but admittedly not every guy is comfortable wearing this style. Low rise bikini underwear does not sit as high on the waist and will not interfere with athletic activities. However, a consequence of being less restrictive is that it does not provide men with as much coverage. Some men see the immediate benefits of this style of underwear, but others may feel as though too much is exposed.

An Alternative to Low Rise Bikini Underwear

When purchasing men's underwear for someone who frequents the gym or participates in a number of sports, it is important to select underwear that provides a large degree of support. If he is unlikely to be comfortable wearing low rise bikini briefs, he may be more comfortable with low rise trunks. Like low rise bikini briefs, these will sit lower on the waist and not get in the way or chafe during many activities. Trunks, though, provide more coverage on the legs. Low rise bikini underwear and low rise trunks are available from a number of fashion designers, from Calvin Klein and DKNY to C-IN2 and Gigo.

Among the large selection of low rise men's underwear from fashion designers, Skiviez has styles with padded waistbands for increased comfort. Padded waistbands are also available on pouch briefs and jock straps, letting men select the style that best suits their needs without sacrificing a comfortable and snug fit.

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