Gay Underwear

If you're heading out to a party with other members of the gay community, you might want to wear something special underneath whatever fabulous attire you've got planned. At Skiviez, we carry many types of underwear that can help shape your physique, enhancing and supporting what you're endowed with. From stylish jock straps to trunks, you'll find sexy underwear in which you'll be both comfortable and confident.

C-IN2 offers some of the most innovative pieces of mens underwear we've seen. They have integrated their sling support system into briefs and trunks, as well as designed the new trophy shelf system that provides the same visual boost without the hassle of straps. They also offer their underwear in many colors, letting you match it to the rest of your outfit.

Thong Style Gay Underwear

If you have the confidence and physique to sport a thong, we offer many styles of thong underwear that will tempt other gay men. Gregg Homme thongs are constructed with large pouches. Unlike most of the other styles of thong underwear that we carry, the thongs from Gregg Homme are transparent, providing a peek at what's underneath.

If you want to show off your hot body to other gay men at the gym, their net sport thongs are constructed like a fishnet. Browse through our catalog to find sexy mens underwear designed to appeal to our gay customer base, yet comfortable enough to wear every day.
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