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Diesel offers a range of men's underwear styles, from boxers to briefs, for guys who are looking for comfort and a little sex appeal. The briefs available from Diesel are far from the standard white briefs of yesteryear. Diesel briefs are available in many different colors and patterns to get your day off to a good start or a good conclusion. Diesel also has a selection of low rise briefs. The low rise designs sit below the waist, which can create the illusion of a longer torso and be more comfortable than underwear with more fabric.

Styles of Diesel Men's Boxers

While some prefer briefs or need the support they provide, others have a preference for the freedom that Diesel boxers offer. Men will find boxers in many styles, from traditional boxer shorts to boxer briefs. In addition to cotton boxers, Diesel also offers a selection of jersey boxers. These boxers hug the body with a super soft fabric. Just as boxer briefs offer a middle ground between briefs and boxer shorts, Diesel trunks share characteristics of briefs and boxer briefs. For those who prefer to wear boxer briefs around the house and want some coverage over their legs, Diesel boxer briefs offer just enough.

Men and their partners who are in the market for Diesel underwear will find a number of styles at Skiviez. The online store also carries boxers, briefs, thongs, bikini briefs and other styles from the most fashionable men's underwear designers, including Ginch Gonch, Unico and Wax.

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