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Men's boxers are available in a number of different styles, including slim fit and low rise designs. The common thread among different styles of boxer underwear is the freedom that they offer. Unlike briefs, boxers do not provide support and some guys may even forget that they are wearing them. While that makes them inappropriate for active pursuits such as playing basketball or running, some men may find that they prefer boxer or trunk underwear for everyday use.

Coordinate Wardrobes with Low Rise Boxers

While boxer shorts or trunk underwear can be the most comfortable, the material from which the undergarments are constructed can be bulky. This may interfere with the otherwise clean lines of work attire or make a guy look unkempt if his boxers bunch up and show over his belt. Designs such as low rise boxers and trunks will not interfere with the way clothing hangs on the body as much as traditional boxers do. Another option available to men is slim-fitting undergarments. These hug the body, providing the coverage that is needed without bunching up.

Another option available to men who want an alternative to wearing briefs is low rise boxer briefs. This underwear incorporates the support that men accustomed to wearing briefs will expect, as well as the added coverage provided by boxers.

At Skiviez, customers will find a large selection of low rise underwear from recognized designers including DKNY, Diesel, 2xist and Baskit. In addition to low rise underwear, the company also offers a selection of undergarments, including tank tops and undershirts.

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