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When women are purchasing clothing for their husbands, they may consider purchasing different styles of men's underwear such as boxer briefs that the guys don't usually buy themselves. Though most men may be more familiar with traditional styles of underwear such as cotton briefs or boxer shorts, boxer briefs and trunks combine benefits of both styles. Briefs provide a large amount of support for men, making them appropriate for most activities and diverse wardrobe elements. Boxer shorts, while they don't offer support, do provide more coverage. Boxer brief and trunk underwear styles offer the chief benefits of these two designs.

Low Rise and Other Variations on Men's Boxers and Briefs

Men's boxer briefs, as well as other underwear designs, are available in a number of styles that can increase a wearer's comfort. Some guys may prefer low rise men's underwear, available in briefs and trunks. Men's low rise undies provide the same support and coverage as standard designs, but sit lower on the waist. Men who play sports regularly may prefer sports briefs that wick moisture away from the skin, providing comfort during active pursuits. They may also consider pouch briefs, which provide more support than other styles of low rise briefs. When support is not a concern, boxers are a popular choice. In addition to being soft and comfortable, they have the added benefit of being many women's favorite style to see on their guys.

At Skiviez, customers will find an extensive selection of undies, from boxers and briefs to trunks and thongs. The company carries products from designers including Ginch Gonch, Puma, Kyle and Hanro.

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