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DKNY offers a large selection of men's low rise underwear. In addition to providing the support that men may need when they engage in athletic activities, low rise underwear will not be visible when men are wearing low rise pants. By sitting lower on the waist, these DKNY men's underwear styles let men show off the results of the hours that they have spent in the gym honing their washboard abs.

Low Rise Men's Underwear Styles Available from DKNY

There are a number of low rise underwear styles for men, including briefs and trunks. The briefs, which are also referred to as bikini briefs, are made from cotton and spandex. This lets them stretch to hug the body and accentuate the definition in the quads, as well as the size of the wearer's endowments. While some men prefer the provocative look of bikini briefs, others may want slightly more coverage. Trunks from the DKNY Graphic collection are cut low at the waist, but also provide coverage over a portion of the leg. These pieces feature the same contrast piping that is found on the briefs in the collection.

At Skiviez, customers will find a broad range of men's underwear from DKNY, including the Eco-Tech line that is made with (in part) soft bamboo fibers. The site also carries matching undershirts and tank tops from the designer's collections. Customers looking for more variety can also look into the other top designers that the company carries, including Diesel, Hugo Boss and RIPS.

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