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Classic Tommy Hilfiger Boxer Shorts

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Top men's underwear designers like Tommy Hilfiger typically offer a range of styles, including the classics like boxer shorts and briefs. Each of these styles has its own benefits that some men may prefer over the advantages offered by other styles. Boxer shorts are a popular choice among men because they offer a considerable degree of freedom and do not feel restrictive. Additionally, many men find that their girlfriends and wives like boxers best. The shortcoming of the design, though, is that it does not provide support like traditional and low rise briefs. The boxer briefs available from Tommy Hilfiger and other fashion designers provide an alternative to either of these two extremes.

Find a Compromise Between Boxer Shorts and Briefs with Tommy Hilfiger Men's Underwear

Boxer briefs extend several inches down the thigh, giving men additional coverage. Many find this coverage to be sufficient for days they are spending at home. At the same time, Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs offer the support that men would expect only from briefs for more active days. This comfortable support is characteristic of both the button front and fly front designs.

While some guys want underwear like boxers and boxer briefs, others like to show more skin. In addition to buying low rise briefs from renowned fashion designers, men can also choose the hip briefs from Tommy Hilfiger that more closely resemble a V-shape. With navy piping around the legs and over the front, as well as the matching waistband, these offer a sexy alternative.

At Skiviez, men can find fashionable variations on their preferred underwear style, whether it is a low rise trunk or thong, from many labels

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