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Classic Hugo Boss Boxers

Save On Hugo Boss Boxers

While there are a number of styles of men's underwear that are meant for special occasions, men who prefer a classic look for everyday wear may opt for boxers or briefs from tried and true designers like Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein. Boxers offer a stark contrast to briefs, as they provide men with considerably more freedom and coverage. These benefits, though, come at the expense of support. Due to the level of freedom that boxers offer, men who prefer to wear boxers on a regular basis need to have a few pairs of briefs or jock straps for when they engage in vigorous athletic activities. Those who do not want to purchase multiple types of men's underwear can compromise by purchasing boxer briefs.

Boxer Briefs from Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss offers several comfortable and sexy styles of boxer briefs for men. The basic design features a fly front, similar to that found on traditional briefs. Hugo Boss also has a button front design. Both of these styles are available in white or black cotton, and provide coverage well down the thigh. Men who want to show off a little leg in the bedroom may prefer the trunks from the Hugo Boss Fashion line. These trunks are available in a number of bright colors and include a thick metallic waistband with the designer's name across it that can proclaim the wearer's taste to others.

Whether men prefer boxers, briefs or another style of designer underwear, they can find the greatest selection at Skiviez. The company offers pieces from many designers, giving men considerably more choices than they will find in local department stores.

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