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Whether men place more emphasis on the appearance or comfort of their underwear, they will find styles from Sean John that will suit them. Sean John offers boxers, briefs, boxer briefs and trunks. While these designs each have different advantages, they all feature the distinctive styling that marks this sophisticated and modern fashion label.

Choosing Among Sean John Men's Underwear

Men have a number of things to consider when choosing among different styles of underwear.

*The style that creates the best visual will depend on the wearer's body type. Shorter men can appear longer by choosing trunks from Sean John. Trunks, however, may appear too small on taller men. *In addition to how they will look, they must also consider the clothing with which the underwear will be worn. Boxer shorts may interfere with the lines of slim-fitting clothing. *Styles including briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks will be more appropriate than boxer shorts for active pursuits. The styles from Sean John offer a stylish alternative to mesh underwear and jockstraps, as well as providing the support that men need. *Sean John underwear is available in either black or white, helping men look classy even if underwear is all that they are wearing.

At Skiviez, men will find a wide variety of underwear, including mesh underwear, thongs, jockstraps, briefs and trunks. In addition to the underwear from Sean John, customers can also purchase products from labels including Diesel, Puma and RIPS.

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