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There are a number of styles of low rise briefs that men can consider to look great and feel comfortable. Low rise briefs are designed to provide men with the support they need while not interfering with other activities. Unlike traditional men's underwear, these briefs sit below the waist and do not include excessive fabric. While the level of exposure might seem uncomfortable to some guys at first, many of them come around to appreciating the comfort. Those who want to showcase their toned physiques will find a variety of style elements incorporated in the offerings from a number of designers, meant to make the briefs even sexier, too.

Different Types of Low Rise Briefs

While they may not be available in local department stores, low rise briefs are available online in a number of colors and fabrics. In addition to the main color of the underwear, many designs feature contrasting waistbands. Some styles, such as those from 2xist, also include contrast piping around the legs and the crotch area. There are also underwear designs that include padded waistbands, increasing the comfort of wearing low rise briefs. Briefs may also be constructed from mesh and other breathable materials. Such styles may be preferred by men who engage in activities that cause them to perspire heavily, or by guys who live in hot and humid climates.

In addition to a large selection of low rise briefs, Skiviez carries hot styles of men's underwear including boxers, trunks and thongs, as well as undershirts, sleepwear and swimwear. The online store offers free ground shipping, as well as expedited shipping services for those who need to receive their orders faster.

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