C-IN2 Sling Underwear

If you've seen guys adjusting their pants, there's a chance that they do it to exaggerate the size of what's underneath. If you've ever been inclined to do this yourself, you can naturally enhance your appearance with sling underwear from C-IN2. At Skiviez, we carry the full selection of sling underwear from C-IN2 so that you are sure to find a fit, style, and color that appeal to you. Click Here For C-IN2 Sling Underwear!

The sling support that C-IN2 incorporates into many of their mens underwear designs offers both visual appeal and essential support. Traditional underwear provides support to the general region, but not where you need it most. Rather than providing support by compressing everything close to your body, sling underwear from C-IN2 provides added support inside the underwear, enhancing what you already have.

C-IN2 is always on the cutting edge of underwear innovation, which is especially evident with their sling support system. The sling lifts you up and out to create the much sought after allusion of a bigger package. If you're still unsure about this amazing technology, we have a quick explanation of how the C-IN2 sling support works.

Solid Support from C-IN2 Sling Underwear

C-IN2 offers sling support in a range of different styles of mens underwear. You can find both briefs and trunks, so you can opt for whichever style you (or your partner) prefer. Whether you like solid colors like grenadine orange and arcadia teal or patterns such as circus-inspired visual illusions, C-IN2 has innovative and distinctive options.

In addition to sling underwear, C-IN2 also manufactures tops that you may want to add to your wardrobe. They make both tank tops and undershirts from pima cotton with a variety of necklines. To inquire about any products from C-IN2, contact us today at info@skiviez.com or 1-800-628-1693.

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