C-IN2 Briefs

There's more to choosing a great brief than simply selecting a size and color. C-IN2 offers a large selection of mens briefs in many different styles, so you can purchase the cut that best suits your particular lifestyle and body image. At Skiviez, you'll find many briefs from C-IN2, all at outstanding prices. Click Here For C-IN2 Briefs!

Unlike the "tighty whities" of days gone by, C-IN2 offers briefs in a multitude of colors and styles. Basic black and white are always in style if you desire a more traditional underwear selection from C-IN2. Of course, the always popular Pop Colors and Patterns will always be in high demand and supply here at Skiviez.

C-IN2 is always on the cutting edge of underwear innovation, which is especially evident with their sling support system. The sling lifts you up and out to create the much sought after allusion of a bigger package. If you're still unsure about this amazing technology, we have a quick explanation of how the C-IN2 sling support works.

C-IN2 Briefs with Bamboo Fibers

C-IN2 also offers a line of briefs that are made primarily from bamboo. Bamboo fibers are naturally antimicrobial and soft, two essential characteristics of mens briefs. Their slider and racer briefs feature their custom trophy shelf system, which offers the same visual enhancement and additional support as the sling system, but without the need for straps.

If you're looking for basic styles of briefs, you can choose among C-IN2's profile briefs, low rise briefs, and pouch briefs. C-IN2 also offers the bi fly profile brief, adding a twist to the traditional style and providing wearers with additional convenience, whether they're righties, lefties or ambidextrous. At Skiviez, we also carry boxers, trunks, and undershirts from C-IN2. Call us today at 1-800-628-1693 or email us at info@skiviez.com with any questions that you have about C-IN2 briefs or their other products.

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