Sexy Mens Underwear

Don't just wait for your partner to get in the mood--you can turn up the heat in the bedroom by showing up in some sexy mens underwear. Skiviez is an online mens underwear store that offers styles of sexy mens underwear from a number of designers you aren't going to encounter in your neighborhood department store. We think you (and your partner) might enjoy some of our favorite looks from Joe Snyder, Clever, Andrew Christian and Baskit.

Choose the Right Style of Sexy Mens Underwear for Your Body

With the wide selection of designs available in our mens underwear store, you can choose one that flatters your best assets. If you want to showcase your abs, you might opt for low rise briefs or trunks. If you'll be engaging in rigorous activities, you may prefer some sports briefs that are cut higher on the leg. Mens athletic underwear lets you show off the definition in your legs but leave something to the imagination, too.

Many pieces of sexy mens underwear in our store also provide you with ample support. If you need extra support but don't want to feel like you've got bulky undies causing your pants to pull tight, you might prefer pouch briefs from designers like 2xist, C-IN2 and Hanro. Mens athletic underwear like jock straps will keep everything in place while providing the support at the gym or for a night of clubbing. Like thongs, jock straps provide minimal coverage so you can show off as much as you like. Contact our staff today by email at with any questions you have about the clothing in our store.

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