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With the large selection of sexy men's underwear available online, it's easier than ever before to find styles that make you look your best even when you're concerned with staying comfortable all day long. At Skiviez, we carry sexy men's underwear from a number of top fashion designers, including Andrew Christian, Gregg Homme and Tommy Hilfiger. Whether you're looking for revealing men's bikinis and thongs or you prefer men's boxer underwear that provides more coverage and freedom, our online store has set out to compile the best selection available--and as we near the close of our first decade in business, we're proud of our success.

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Men's bikinis are among the more provocative styles of sexy men's underwear you'll find in our store. Bikinis offer considerably less coverage than men's boxer underwear or men's briefs. In addition to revealing men's bikinis, you'll also find bulge bikinis and other styles of sexy men's underwear designed to enhance your endowment and provide you with ample support. Guys who want to show off even more will find thongs and jock straps leave even less to the imagination.

Men who are looking for more traditional men's underwear with a fun and flirty twist should be able to find just what they're looking for at Skiviez. Todd and Terry offers briefs and trunks with whimsical prints, while 2xist men's underwear is known for vibrant colors. You'll also find mesh underwear that gives a subtle glimpse at what's underneath. For a little role playing, you may consider the tempting costumes we carry from Candyman. Email us at with any questions about our products or shipping options.

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