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Men who pride themselves on their sense of fashion will find a number of styles of underwear from Sean John that raise the bar. In addition to offering traditional cotton briefs, Sean John has updated the classic style with a stretch brief. The mix of cotton and spandex allows the underwear to conform to the contours of the body. Rather than appearing shapeless, these briefs hug men's hips and crotch, which can emphasize size.

While some men want to draw attention to the details of their abs and legs, others may prefer more modest styles. For these men, Sean John offers high-end fashion underwear in the form of boxers and boxer briefs. Available in solid white or black, they look sophisticated even when they are the only thing being worn.

Sean John Underwear for Athletic Activities

One of the limitations of boxers is their lack of support, which becomes problematic in athletic activities. Unconstrained movement can pose an inconvenience when biking, jogging, or running the length of a court. To address these concerns, men may opt for trunks from Sean John, which keep everything in place without sacrificing the comfort of boxer shorts. While they provide the comfort and support needed for athletic activities, the contrasting waistband also makes them fashionable and appropriate for other times.

Men searching for underwear from recognized fashion labels will find only the best at Skiviez. In addition to the selection available from Sean John, the store also carries underwear from Diesel, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss.

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